Best Outdoor Activities to do in Switzerland – 2019

Have you planned a trip to Switzerland? It can be a tedious and daunting task to decide what to do and which places to visit. From rock climbing to hiking, adventure seekers have ample options to choose. In this informatory page, you will get to know the best outdoor activities to do in Switzerland.

Best Outdoor Activities in Switzerland

  • Snowshoe Tour

Fasten your snowshoes and get ready for the thrilling experience. Travelers can choose snowshoe tours in the Swiss Alps and hike on snows in winter. Hiking through beautiful forests in a winter wonderland can be your next unforgettable experience. No experience required! Guides are available to teach and guide the basic skills needed for hiking.

snowshoe tours in the swiss alps

Places for Snowshoe Tour

You can find enough places for snowshoe tour in central Switzerland including Stoos, Melchseefrutte, Mt. Rigi, Mt Pilatus, Engelberg. Multi-day snow tours are also provided to explore places better.

  • Rock Climbing

Rock climbing will be challenging and full of fun. Adventure seekers looking for a thrilling experience can perform rock climbing. Experience and beginners can test them against the rock and climb on the top.

Trained professionals are available 24 x 7 to guide the basic skills. Guides will provide ropes, harness, helmet, climbing equipment and other essentials for rock climbing.

  • Klettersteig

If you want to make your experience more thrilling, you must track the Klettersteig route in the Alps. Climb high walls of cliffs and rock walls, and experience adventure that you would have never felt before. Accept the challenge and reward yourself with mesmerizing views of valleys and mountains.

Professional guides are available to teach visitors from scratch. Guides will not only guide you on the route but also provide ladders, steel rungs and other accessories for a safe journey. The size of steel rungs is large enough to stand on and get solid grips. Ladders provide ample support to ascend steeps and hard-to-cover sections. Furthermore, thick safety cables are provided and attached to the rock.

Helmet, Klettersteig kit, climbing harness, and gloves are provided to climb the Klettersteig route. The kit comprising two-arm tethers of webbing is attached to the harness. The automatic carabiners are fixed with each end of the tether. Tethers and carabiners help in attaching the body to the cables, ensuring a safe journey while climbing.

  • Winter Mountain Hut Tour

Hiking in the Alps lures visitors due to several reasons. From breathtaking views to cozy huts for accommodation, everything is available.  Mountain huts are available for visitors to stay and explore the natural landscape in detail. Rooms are equipped with all sorts of facilities for cooking & accommodation. Thus, travelers can explore the area, share the history and experience new adventure.

While hiking, visitors can view places and capture memories by clicking photographs. Nothing would be better than a multi-day hiking tour to know about the Alps.

snowshoe tours in the swiss alps
  • Camping

Adventure-enthusiasts can create custom camping experience in the Alps. Whether you want to camp alone or in groups, trained professionals are available to make your camping memorable and exciting.

Beautiful locations are available around the Alps. You can camp in the mountains or near the valley.

  • Photo-course Tour

Best Switzerland photo tours are available that visitors can opt. Travelers can tour beautiful places in central Switzerland, create skills, and capture eye-catching views.

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