Best Outdoor Activities to do in Switzerland – 2019

Have you planned a trip to Switzerland? It can be a tedious and daunting task to decide what to do and which places to visit. From rock climbing to hiking, adventure seekers have ample options to choose. In this informatory page, you will get to know the best outdoor activities to do in Switzerland.

Best Outdoor Activities in Switzerland

  • Snowshoe Tour

Fasten your snowshoes and get ready for the thrilling experience. Travelers can choose snowshoe tours in the Swiss Alps and hike on snows in winter. Hiking through beautiful forests in a winter wonderland can be your next unforgettable experience. No experience required! Guides are available to teach and guide the basic skills needed for hiking.

snowshoe tours in the swiss alps

Places for Snowshoe Tour

You can find enough places for snowshoe tour in central Switzerland including Stoos, Melchseefrutte, Mt. Rigi, Mt Pilatus, Engelberg. Multi-day snow tours are also provided to explore places better.

  • Rock Climbing

Rock climbing will be challenging and full of fun. Adventure seekers looking for a thrilling experience can perform rock climbing. Experience and beginners can test them against the rock and climb on the top.

Trained professionals are available 24 x 7 to guide the basic skills. Guides will provide ropes, harness, helmet, climbing equipment and other essentials for rock climbing.

  • Klettersteig

If you want to make your experience more thrilling, you must track the Klettersteig route in the Alps. Climb high walls of cliffs and rock walls, and experience adventure that you would have never felt before. Accept the challenge and reward yourself with mesmerizing views of valleys and mountains.

Professional guides are available to teach visitors from scratch. Guides will not only guide you on the route but also provide ladders, steel rungs and other accessories for a safe journey. The size of steel rungs is large enough to stand on and get solid grips. Ladders provide ample support to ascend steeps and hard-to-cover sections. Furthermore, thick safety cables are provided and attached to the rock.

Helmet, Klettersteig kit, climbing harness, and gloves are provided to climb the Klettersteig route. The kit comprising two-arm tethers of webbing is attached to the harness. The automatic carabiners are fixed with each end of the tether. Tethers and carabiners help in attaching the body to the cables, ensuring a safe journey while climbing.

  • Winter Mountain Hut Tour

Hiking in the Alps lures visitors due to several reasons. From breathtaking views to cozy huts for accommodation, everything is available.  Mountain huts are available for visitors to stay and explore the natural landscape in detail. Rooms are equipped with all sorts of facilities for cooking & accommodation. Thus, travelers can explore the area, share the history and experience new adventure.

While hiking, visitors can view places and capture memories by clicking photographs. Nothing would be better than a multi-day hiking tour to know about the Alps.

snowshoe tours in the swiss alps
  • Camping

Adventure-enthusiasts can create custom camping experience in the Alps. Whether you want to camp alone or in groups, trained professionals are available to make your camping memorable and exciting.

Beautiful locations are available around the Alps. You can camp in the mountains or near the valley.

  • Photo-course Tour

Best Switzerland photo tours are available that visitors can opt. Travelers can tour beautiful places in central Switzerland, create skills, and capture eye-catching views.

Do you want to experience beautiful places in central Switzerland and opt for adventurous activities in the mountains? Don’t worry, ‘Life Adventure Guiding’ is here to assist you. We will teach you the necessary skills for hiking, snowshoe tours, and different outdoor activities, and guide you throughout the journey. Whether you are looking for snowshoe tours or camping, our trained and experienced professionals will guide you from scratch. We not only provide quality solutions but affordable too.

Hut to Hut Snowshoeing Tours in the Swiss Alps

Hut-to-hut snowshoeing is a popular activity, especially in the Swiss Alps. Snowshoe hiking will help in creating a memorable experience that one would have never experienced before. If you are a traveler and willing to experience hut-to-hut snowshoeing, then, this page will be useful for you.

Snowshoe tours are mostly preferred with family, groups, and unions, as one doesn’t require any in-depth experience and skills for such tours.

How can you choose Hut-to-hut Snowshoe Tours?

Nothing can be overwhelming than experiencing the Swiss Alps, especially during winter. Wear snowshoes and start following trails. From beautiful woods to the natural landscape, there are astonishing locations to discover and experiences to feel. Anybody can prefer to opt for this type of tour. Guides are always available to teach basic skills for hiking.

snowshoeing swiss alps

There are some spectacular views that you would like to emulate in yourself by visiting through central Switzerland. For example, you can enjoy the snowy environment of Stoos, Mt. Rigi, Engelberg, and others.

Travelers have ample options, depending on their customized requirements. Multi-day snow tours are available with night stay. Tours are of usually four to six hours. Furthermore, guides provide snowshoes, trekking poles, and other accessories required for snowshoe hiking. Travelers only have to carry some basic stuff like backpacks, water, lunch, snow jackets, warm winter clothes, etc.

Cozy huts are available where travelers can enjoy the breathtaking views. More than a hundred mountain huts are available for accommodation; therefore, one needs not to worry for little things. Real-life experience can be felt only by staying and looking at the top in the Swiss Alps. From a cooking space to luxurious beds, everything is available traditionally-built huts. This will be the unique experience that one can feel.

Guides are available to assist at every point. From basic or necessary skills to routes, guides are available at every corner. From photo opportunities during the journey to spectacular views, lots of things are available. Hut-to-hut snowshoe tours will give users detailed knowledge associated with any place. It will be the most efficient way to enjoy spectacular views and explore the beauty of the Alps.

snowshoeing swiss alps

Upgrading existing options will be more easy, as there are adventurous activities for add-ons. From rock climbing to klettersteig, multiple alternatives are available.

If you are still thinking of the location and trip details, then, don’t worry. There are multiple locations available for hut to hut tours. Some of the locations are Goschenental, Engelberg, Grindelwald, Urner Alps, etc. The duration is usually two nights. Furthermore, guides will provide a complete packaging list.

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Amazing Things to do in the Swiss Alps

Are you adventure-minded and looking forward to covering the Swiss Alps? Adventurous Sports like snowshoe tours in the Swiss Alps will add fun and goosebumps too. There are ample activities to do in the Swiss Alps but there is some amazing stuff also.

Sporty and Adventurous Activities to do in the Swiss Alps

snowshoe tours in the swiss alps
  • Snow-shoe Tours

Experience the sport in you! Wear your snowshoes and wander in the mountains. This sporty activity can be full of adventures for you. Hiking in the snow through woods will be mesmerizing and unforgettable too. Don’t worry, you don’t require a learning experience… just basic skills needed and then, you can go through the snowy atmosphere.

  • Outdoor Rock Climbing

Nothing can be challenging and fun to experience the outdoors more than rock climbing, especially when it is about the Swiss Alps. Overcome pieces of rock and reach the top. A day adventure can be the best experience for beginners and experienced groups wanting to experience rock climbing. The trained professionals will guide you in every part of your adventure.

Rock climbing performance on some factors, depending on the location and skill levels. Even, guides will provide you instructions, accessories, and equipment required for the rock climbing.

  • Winter Mountain Hut Tour

Hiking in the Alps will be a stunning experience for climbers while snug mountain huts are available for the accommodation. A hundred huts are located in the mountains to reside and experience nature. These huts will give you a homely experience, as they comprise beds and warm rooms. With the help of hiking professionals, one can easily explore nearby areas and explore new possibilities of adventure.

If you have any query, then, don’t worry. Guides will assist you scratch; from skills to paths, professionals are available to direct you on the right traction. Besides enjoying spectacular views, visitors can capture the moment through photographs.

Multi-day hiking will help visitors to get an insight into the area through huts. This will be the best way to explore deeply the nature and beauty of the Alps. To make the journey more adventurous, spectators can add activities like rock climbing, klettersteig.

There are multiple locations available for the winter mountain hut tour – Grindelwald, Engelberg, Goschenental, Urner Alps, etc.

rock climbing in switzerland
  • Day Hikes

Step out of the city and follow trails to feel blessed with the astonishing view of the Swiss Alps. Hiking trails can be found anywhere – mountains, lakes, and farmlands; photo clicking sessions will be the lifetime achievement for anyone.

Lucerne, central Switzerland, and Schwyz are exceptionally good, showcasing the incredible surroundings and appealing views.

Hikes will help you to throughout the journey, allowing photo-clicking sessions; stay at restaurants and get guided throughout your journey. The journey will comprise transport assistance through the journey through various modes like trains, buses, and boats. English-speaking guides will be provided to assist the native as well as foreigners.

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Hiking the Swiss Alps-An Unconventional Guide

For those who love adventure and enjoy walking, Switzerland is a magnificent place for an adventurous vacation. The Swiss Alps in Switzerland has much more to offer to those who want to explore this are more. Switzerland holidays can be taken in one of the many towns or cities, or in quieter areas of mountains and lakes. This part of the country may often is overlooked by the majority of tourists and mass tourism has passed this area by, which is perfect for those who are looking for tranquillity. There is a lot to explore in the Swiss Alps and a hiking enthusiast would love to see and experience what these Alps has to offer. A guide of the unbelievable spots for Swiss Alps hiking tours :

  • Lucerne – Mount Rigi panorama trail
swiss alps hiking tours

The mount Rigi is well known as the Queen of the mountains which is surrounded by three massive lakes. The Panorama trail at mount Rigi, Lucerne is one of the favourite hiking spots of backpackers in the spring season. You can stretch the hike and can cover the whole panorama trail or a part of it depends upon your strength and ability.

  • Zurich – Walensee

If you are looking for a hiking trip in Zurich, there are a lot of lakes and mountains around Zurich to hike. The most popular and beautiful one is the Walensee lake. In order to experience the breathtaking views and amazing waterfalls, visit Zurich in the spring season. You can go hiking in Zurich around Walensee lake year around depending on the weather conditions.

  • Western Switzerland – Engel berg

The Furenalp hike in Switzerland is around the Engel berg valley. The hike open in May. This long and tiring hiking trail lead to a beautiful and refreshing waterfall that gives you a calm and composed feeling. The coming down from the fields to the Engel berg valley gives you an incredible and fantastic experience of this beautiful place.

  • Grindelwald – The Eiger trail

The Eiger trail is known as one of the worlds best spot for hiking and climbing in Switzerland. This is found at the top of the bucket list of many adventure seekers around the world. As you proceed forward hiking in this trail you will experience the marvelous nature and scenic views this place has to offer to its visitors. The route of the trail is one way, starting from the Grindelwald to the Eigergletster station or vice verse.

  • Interlaken – Harder Kulm

Harder kulm tops the priority list when it comes to hiking in Interlaken. The hike around this area is steep. It is a 5.5 hours hike to a beautiful view of harder kulm hang from the cliff of the mountain. You will get the life time experience hiking at this spot.


Switzerland is flooded with bountiful of hiking, climbing, and trekking spots. If you are a rookie hiker and climber, you must join beginner climbing courses before starting hiking and climbing in Switzerland.

5 Incredible Hiking Trails in Switzerland

Switzerland has always something to offer, no matter what time of year you choose to visit. Also, it is an ideal place for all type of travelers- couples, adventure seekers and families. The Alps are the longest and highest in Europe. In the heart of the mountains lies, Switzerland. It is one of the many destinations offering some of the best skiing, snowballing, hiking and camping in Switzerland. Hiking is popular even during spring and summer. So its no wonder that so many people visit Switzerland for hiking in Swiss Alps. Switzerland hiking trail range from walks for beginners to difficult treks for the experts. It is known for its beautiful and scenic hiking trails. Here are the five most amazing trails in Switzerland:

hiking in switzerland

The Eiger trail

The Eiger trail is one of the most beautiful and jaw-dropping Alpine hikes in the world. It is a classic one-way route in Jungfrau mountains that can be hiked in either direction. Starting from Eigergletscher station to Grindelwald or vice-a-versa. Starting from the Grindelwald glacier, you will reach Alpiglen in about two hours. You can stop over for lunch or overnight or continue to hike to the Eigergletscher station to the west. While walking to the west, you will get amazed by the draining water off the North face even in early July. The showstopper of the Eiger trail is the North face. The best time for hiking here is between July and October. Seeing the level of difficulties, you can even hire an adventure guide service.

Faulhorn trail

The Faulhorn trail takes its hikers from Faulhorn to Fierst while exploring the scenic Bernese Alps. It is located near Grindelwald providing the mind-boggling view of two peaks. However, the view of the crystal clear Bachalpsee lake is what takes away the heart of the hikers in this trail. The best time to hike the Faulhorn trail is in August but the weather conditions are also good for hiking from late June to early October.

Obersteinberg trail

The trail is in the Jungfrau region which is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the most beautiful places on the earth. It starts from Stechelberg through to Obersteinberg. This trail is very challenging, not for the beginners but the views are breathtaking. You will observe beautiful towering peaks and waterfall along the way.

Oeschinensee hiking trail

The main highlight of this trail is the Oeschinensee lake, which is said to be the most beautiful lake in Switzerland. You can start from Kandersteg and hike towards the lake or if you can acclimate fully you can move towards the lake from Bluemlisalp massif. You can plan for hiking in Switzerland oeschinensee trail throughout the winter and summer expect from mid-march to mid-may.

Five lake Trail

The five lake trail covers Grindjisee, Stellisee, Grünsee, Moosjisee, and Leisee This hike is best for beginners and families with children. It is the best way to explore Switzerland five lakes along the way of the trail. You can even capture the glimpse of Matterhorn in three of the five lakes. It is stretched to about 5.8 miles, which you can cover in around two and a half hours. Once the snow is cleared, it is open for hikers.


There are bountiful of places for hiking and camping in Switzerland. You can also take help from an adventure guide service if you are a newbie in hiking in Switzerland.