How to Challenge Rock Climbing Routes of Switzerland?


Before delving into the matter, we must know about rock climbing. Rock climbing is an adventurous activity that is perfect for those willing to challenge their soul and mind and get involved in a climbing task. Are you interested in rock climbing but do not have any prior experience? Yes, even a layman can easily learn to climb a rock, for a plethora of rock climbing courses in Switzerland is available to choose from. An individual can also learn rock climbing courses at gyms or outdoors.

Once a person learns the basic skills, he or she can specialize in certain skills to figure out more. In this informatory page, we are going to cover some easy ways that will guide you to learn rock climbing.

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3 Easy Ways to Learn Rock Climbing

Introductory classes for rock climbing: If an individual has never been to rock climbing, then it is not an issue. Search for classes offering an indoor facility to learn rock climbing. Signing up for a class will let you know if it is suitable for you. Why should we choose an introductory class? Such classes will recommend you the right techniques to climb a rock and suggest the right gear.Recreational centers, as well as rock climbing gyms, offer introductory classes without the need for any long-term contract. You can tell your requirements without any commitment.

Pro Tip: Being a certified trainer at ‘Life Adventure Guiding’, I would like to recommend some tips that you can follow. Ask whether introductory classes cover ‘belaying’. It is a term related to a person handling and assisting another person climbing a wall. It is essential to learn about it as the guide belaying is solely responsible for assisting a falling climber.

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  • Practice as much as you can: For regular practicing, an individual can also join a rock climbing routes. You don’t need to buy any type of equipment and travel to access to a climbing spot. Visit the office, fill the form, and become the member.
  • Besides the private rock climbing gyms, you can also opt for college recreation centers and public. It is a perk as you don’t need to deal with adverse or unfavorable weather conditions. Thus, you can continue your practice.
  • Specialized Class for Pro: Once you have learned the basics, you can get specialization in different types of climbing. Three main types of climbing practiced in gyms, including top-roping, rope climbing, and bouldering. Inevitably, the introductory classes are enough to learn the basic skills but you do need to work on intense training to become master.

7 Places For Rock Climbing In Switzerland You Ought To Visit

Switzerland is the most innovative and beautiful country in the world that connects us with the natural beauty. The cool breezy mountain tops, the dazzling vision of ski routes, the snowy glaciers, the astonishing sunset in the alps of Switzerland bring heaven on earth. It has superior multi-pitch climbing routes and amazing rock walls to embrace the daring adventure. Are you bored with the monotonous routine and looking for exciting and unforgettable adventures? Then, explore the must-visit seven places for rock climbing in Switzerland.

The Seven Most Beautiful Adventure Destinations for Rock Climbing in Switzerland

1. Matterhorn

Due to the picturesque mountains and snow-caps, the Matterhorn is the breath-taking place

for outdoor adventures. It is well-known for the mountain of the alps which divides the border and main watershed between Italy & Switzerland. It has challenging climbing routes that attract the number of visitors and climbers due to its pyramidal shape and four faces. The best time to visit the Matterhorn, during winters due to the presence of snow and ice. It is also considered as one of the best places for snow-shoeing, hiking and camping in Switzerland.

2. Oeschinen Lake

Oeschinen Lake is situated in Bernese Oberland, Switzerland, the most beautiful alpine mountain valley is covered with several mountain creeks and blue-turquoise water. Those who are a beginner in rock climbing may find it difficult because of the steep climb and narrow mountain spots.

3. Magic Wood

Magic wood is the magnificent bouldering destination located in the high forest area. It has exceptional rocks that are good for hard-core climbers. It is not suitable for beginners because of overhanging problems so don’t start without taking climbing skills.

4. Jura Mountains

The sub-alpine ‘Jura Mountains’ is situated in the heart of northern Switzerland. It has single to long multi-pitch climbing routes so, you will enjoy this place for sure. The weather is not appropriate in spring seasons, you can pick the weather-friendly essentials along with you.

5. The Bernese Highlands

Explore the overwhelming climbing opportunities in Bernese Highlands which is mostly preferred by experienced hikers. It has famous and most scenic peaks and covered with the central mountains of Switzerland. Features a wide variety of routes for beginners, intermediate and experienced climbers. The best time to visit in Bernese Highland during July and August because the place is fully crowded with a large number of tourists.

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6. Chironico

This is the interesting and super solid gneiss bouldering area for exploring the beautiful landscapes with more than 1500 boulders. Its rock texture is rough so, you can wear the climbing gloves to keep the hands safe from severe injury. The landing is pretty good and has small distances, one can easy to climb alone without any fear of the height. The place is nearby the campsites to get you an amaze of hot barbecues, creamy chocolate chips along with the climbing activity. You can also go with your kith and kin to take them in the world of adventure.

7. Jungfrau

Jungfrau is recognized as ‘Top of Europe’ because it is the highest railroad station located in the Bernese Alps. Its captivating top-mount glaciers give pocket-full experience while ice or rock climbing.

You will get a chance to see the clear sky and sunshine in the morning and snowstorm in the afternoon. The weather is unpredictable especially in mountains, always bring weather-appropriate clothes before you go.

Do you want to learn new skills for rock climbing or realize your dreams in the Alps? Discover the ‘Life Adventure Guiding’ that will guide you to travel in a snowy environment, basic climbing skills and gives custom camping experience to the entire family.

Best Outdoor Activities to do in Switzerland – 2019

Have you planned a trip to Switzerland? It can be a tedious and daunting task to decide what to do and which places to visit. From rock climbing to hiking, adventure seekers have ample options to choose. In this informatory page, you will get to know the best outdoor activities to do in Switzerland.

Best Outdoor Activities in Switzerland

  • Snowshoe Tour

Fasten your snowshoes and get ready for the thrilling experience. Travelers can choose snowshoe tours in the Swiss Alps and hike on snows in winter. Hiking through beautiful forests in a winter wonderland can be your next unforgettable experience. No experience required! Guides are available to teach and guide the basic skills needed for hiking.

snowshoe tours in the swiss alps

Places for Snowshoe Tour

You can find enough places for snowshoe tour in central Switzerland including Stoos, Melchseefrutte, Mt. Rigi, Mt Pilatus, Engelberg. Multi-day snow tours are also provided to explore places better.

  • Rock Climbing

Rock climbing will be challenging and full of fun. Adventure seekers looking for a thrilling experience can perform rock climbing. Experience and beginners can test them against the rock and climb on the top.

Trained professionals are available 24 x 7 to guide the basic skills. Guides will provide ropes, harness, helmet, climbing equipment and other essentials for rock climbing.

  • Klettersteig

If you want to make your experience more thrilling, you must track the Klettersteig route in the Alps. Climb high walls of cliffs and rock walls, and experience adventure that you would have never felt before. Accept the challenge and reward yourself with mesmerizing views of valleys and mountains.

Professional guides are available to teach visitors from scratch. Guides will not only guide you on the route but also provide ladders, steel rungs and other accessories for a safe journey. The size of steel rungs is large enough to stand on and get solid grips. Ladders provide ample support to ascend steeps and hard-to-cover sections. Furthermore, thick safety cables are provided and attached to the rock.

Helmet, Klettersteig kit, climbing harness, and gloves are provided to climb the Klettersteig route. The kit comprising two-arm tethers of webbing is attached to the harness. The automatic carabiners are fixed with each end of the tether. Tethers and carabiners help in attaching the body to the cables, ensuring a safe journey while climbing.

  • Winter Mountain Hut Tour

Hiking in the Alps lures visitors due to several reasons. From breathtaking views to cozy huts for accommodation, everything is available.  Mountain huts are available for visitors to stay and explore the natural landscape in detail. Rooms are equipped with all sorts of facilities for cooking & accommodation. Thus, travelers can explore the area, share the history and experience new adventure.

While hiking, visitors can view places and capture memories by clicking photographs. Nothing would be better than a multi-day hiking tour to know about the Alps.

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  • Camping

Adventure-enthusiasts can create custom camping experience in the Alps. Whether you want to camp alone or in groups, trained professionals are available to make your camping memorable and exciting.

Beautiful locations are available around the Alps. You can camp in the mountains or near the valley.

  • Photo-course Tour

Best Switzerland photo tours are available that visitors can opt. Travelers can tour beautiful places in central Switzerland, create skills, and capture eye-catching views.

Do you want to experience beautiful places in central Switzerland and opt for adventurous activities in the mountains? Don’t worry, ‘Life Adventure Guiding’ is here to assist you. We will teach you the necessary skills for hiking, snowshoe tours, and different outdoor activities, and guide you throughout the journey. Whether you are looking for snowshoe tours or camping, our trained and experienced professionals will guide you from scratch. We not only provide quality solutions but affordable too.

Hut to Hut Snowshoeing Tours in the Swiss Alps

Hut-to-hut snowshoeing is a popular activity, especially in the Swiss Alps. Snowshoe hiking will help in creating a memorable experience that one would have never experienced before. If you are a traveler and willing to experience hut-to-hut snowshoeing, then, this page will be useful for you.

Snowshoe tours are mostly preferred with family, groups, and unions, as one doesn’t require any in-depth experience and skills for such tours.

How can you choose Hut-to-hut Snowshoe Tours?

Nothing can be overwhelming than experiencing the Swiss Alps, especially during winter. Wear snowshoes and start following trails. From beautiful woods to the natural landscape, there are astonishing locations to discover and experiences to feel. Anybody can prefer to opt for this type of tour. Guides are always available to teach basic skills for hiking.

snowshoeing swiss alps

There are some spectacular views that you would like to emulate in yourself by visiting through central Switzerland. For example, you can enjoy the snowy environment of Stoos, Mt. Rigi, Engelberg, and others.

Travelers have ample options, depending on their customized requirements. Multi-day snow tours are available with night stay. Tours are of usually four to six hours. Furthermore, guides provide snowshoes, trekking poles, and other accessories required for snowshoe hiking. Travelers only have to carry some basic stuff like backpacks, water, lunch, snow jackets, warm winter clothes, etc.

Cozy huts are available where travelers can enjoy the breathtaking views. More than a hundred mountain huts are available for accommodation; therefore, one needs not to worry for little things. Real-life experience can be felt only by staying and looking at the top in the Swiss Alps. From a cooking space to luxurious beds, everything is available traditionally-built huts. This will be the unique experience that one can feel.

Guides are available to assist at every point. From basic or necessary skills to routes, guides are available at every corner. From photo opportunities during the journey to spectacular views, lots of things are available. Hut-to-hut snowshoe tours will give users detailed knowledge associated with any place. It will be the most efficient way to enjoy spectacular views and explore the beauty of the Alps.

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Upgrading existing options will be more easy, as there are adventurous activities for add-ons. From rock climbing to klettersteig, multiple alternatives are available.

If you are still thinking of the location and trip details, then, don’t worry. There are multiple locations available for hut to hut tours. Some of the locations are Goschenental, Engelberg, Grindelwald, Urner Alps, etc. The duration is usually two nights. Furthermore, guides will provide a complete packaging list.

Do you want to enjoy the best snowshoe tours in the Swiss Alps? Search “LifeAdventuringGuiding” on a reliable search engine, and enjoy the best hut to hut snowshoeing tours in the Swiss Alps. We, at Life Adventuring Guiding, provide the best solution for your requirements. We offer snowshoe tour, outdoor rock climbing course, winter mountain hut tour, day hikes, klettersteig, team outings, camping, photo-course tours, and much more. For detailed info, visit our site and take the assistance of our certified and experienced professionals for the best tours and experience. We offer cost-effective solutions with quality services, as customers’ satisfaction is our prime motto.

Adventure Travel Guide to the Swiss Alps

Want to explore the Swiss Alps? Outdoor adventures in Europe would have never been interesting without the Swiss Alps, as there are lots of things to do. Travelers neither require ropes or crampons, as there are unique things to do.

In this guide, you will know detailed information related to the Swiss Alps. You will know the spectacular towns to visit. The picturesque landscape is appealing in each aspect. Furthermore, there are several adventurous activities to do. From snowshoe to rock climbing, there are different things to do.

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Alpine Towns to Visit

  • Interlaken

Situated in the Bernese Oberland region, Interlaken is one of the beautiful towns of the Swiss Alps. It was the center of attraction for artists in the 19th century. Nowadays, it has become a popular spot for activities like paragliding and skydiving. There are also popular hotels you can find here to stay.

  • Lucerne

It is centrally located in Switzerland. Mostly, german-native speakers are residing here. Exactly, it is situated at Lake Lucerne. There are breathtaking views here, especially of mountains. It has been acknowledged as a popular tourist spot for years. This city has historic as well as modern bridges too. You can become part of art and music festivals.

There are other popular destinations to visit; like Montreux, Zermatt, St. Moritz, etc. Now, we are going to discuss popular activities to do.

Popular Activities to do

  • Snowshoe Tour

Travelers only have to wear snowshoes for a unique experience. A mesmerizing view of mountains will capture anyone’s attention. Hiking in the Snow will be of great fun, especially during the winter season. From spectacular views of forest to the path, everything in the Alps is peculiar to create an unforgettable memory.

This activity can be easily performed without any prior experience. Guides are available at every step to guide the right path throughout the journey. If you are planning a tour, then, you must invest your time in central Switzerland. There are some best places in central Switzerland. For example, you can visit Engelberg, Melchseefrutte, Mt. Rigi, and others. Mountain huts are also available for overnight stays and multi-day tours.

  • Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the popular activities that travelers prefer to do. Such activities are full of fun and challenges. Climbers have to test and climb against rocks. This one-day activity will be full of fun for beginners and group travelers. Experienced and trained professionals are available to teach and help in performing adventurous activities like rock climbing. They will set the rope from scratch and help to train major and minor skills. Furthermore, it depends on your skills and locations for performance.

  • Camping

Camping is a popular activity that with families, groups and friends can prefer to choose to enjoy. Guides are available to take care and available for your needs and the best camping experience. There are beautiful places in the alps for camping. From mountains to valleys, guides are available to meet your customized needs or requirements.

You can visit the near locations during the day time, and enjoy coffee and breakfast during the night. We are available here to create the best experience that you had never experienced before.

There are other activities that you can choose for your tour like winter mountain hut tour, day hikes, Klettersteig, team outings, photo-course tour, swiss alps hiking tours and much more. To experience the best locations and adventurous activities, contact us at “Life Adventure Guiding”.

Amazing Things to do in the Swiss Alps

Are you adventure-minded and looking forward to covering the Swiss Alps? Adventurous Sports like snowshoe tours in the Swiss Alps will add fun and goosebumps too. There are ample activities to do in the Swiss Alps but there is some amazing stuff also.

Sporty and Adventurous Activities to do in the Swiss Alps

snowshoe tours in the swiss alps
  • Snow-shoe Tours

Experience the sport in you! Wear your snowshoes and wander in the mountains. This sporty activity can be full of adventures for you. Hiking in the snow through woods will be mesmerizing and unforgettable too. Don’t worry, you don’t require a learning experience… just basic skills needed and then, you can go through the snowy atmosphere.

  • Outdoor Rock Climbing

Nothing can be challenging and fun to experience the outdoors more than rock climbing, especially when it is about the Swiss Alps. Overcome pieces of rock and reach the top. A day adventure can be the best experience for beginners and experienced groups wanting to experience rock climbing. The trained professionals will guide you in every part of your adventure.

Rock climbing performance on some factors, depending on the location and skill levels. Even, guides will provide you instructions, accessories, and equipment required for the rock climbing.

  • Winter Mountain Hut Tour

Hiking in the Alps will be a stunning experience for climbers while snug mountain huts are available for the accommodation. A hundred huts are located in the mountains to reside and experience nature. These huts will give you a homely experience, as they comprise beds and warm rooms. With the help of hiking professionals, one can easily explore nearby areas and explore new possibilities of adventure.

If you have any query, then, don’t worry. Guides will assist you scratch; from skills to paths, professionals are available to direct you on the right traction. Besides enjoying spectacular views, visitors can capture the moment through photographs.

Multi-day hiking will help visitors to get an insight into the area through huts. This will be the best way to explore deeply the nature and beauty of the Alps. To make the journey more adventurous, spectators can add activities like rock climbing, klettersteig.

There are multiple locations available for the winter mountain hut tour – Grindelwald, Engelberg, Goschenental, Urner Alps, etc.

rock climbing in switzerland
  • Day Hikes

Step out of the city and follow trails to feel blessed with the astonishing view of the Swiss Alps. Hiking trails can be found anywhere – mountains, lakes, and farmlands; photo clicking sessions will be the lifetime achievement for anyone.

Lucerne, central Switzerland, and Schwyz are exceptionally good, showcasing the incredible surroundings and appealing views.

Hikes will help you to throughout the journey, allowing photo-clicking sessions; stay at restaurants and get guided throughout your journey. The journey will comprise transport assistance through the journey through various modes like trains, buses, and boats. English-speaking guides will be provided to assist the native as well as foreigners.

Looking for rock climbing in Switzerland or in the Swiss Alps? Contact us at “Life Adventure Guide” and meet the certified and experienced hikes or guides that will not only create the best outdoor experience but also teach you everything related to adventurous activities. Besides offering quality education for your outdoor experience, we offer snowshoe tours, outdoor rock climbing introduction, two-day outdoor climbing course, winter mountain hut tours, day hikes, klettersteig, team outings, caping, photo-course tours and much more. What are you waiting for? Contact us and enroll now!

10 Breath-taking Places For Outdoor Adventures in Europe

Europe is considered one of the best destination for an adventurous vacation in the world. It is well known for its varied cuisine, history, culture, and most importantly its unforgettable adventures. You can’t stop yourself from strapping your boots and rush to an adventurous place when you see the great Alps of Switzerland. There are numerous places for outdoor adventures in Europe. Ranging from expert level to beginner, you can find an outdoor adventure guide according to your level of expertise. Here are the top 10 must-visit places for best adventure tours Europe:

outdoor adventures in europe

1.Mt. Jungfrau, Interlaken

Hiking in Jungfrau region in Interlaken is perfect for a beginner as the whole hiking route is signposted through summits and mountain lakes to valleys. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, if you are following the yellow signs nothing can go wrong. There are 7 hiking routes around Mt. Jungfrau that you can explore.

2. Matterhorn, Zermatt

This is the best place for Snow-shoeing in Switzerland. During the winter season, Matterhorn is fully covered snow making it one the best place for outdoor adventures in Europe. Zermatt is a house of one of the most famous peaks in the world ‘Matterhorn’ which is best for winter hiking. It takes 6 hours to complete the hike and is recommended for intermediate to expert level hikers.

3. Zurich

There are many campsites around the lake in Zurich. Camp in a scenic and beautiful location in a Zurich’s valley covered with Swizz Alps. Whether you plan to camp around the lake or mountains in Zurich, you are surely going to enjoy the beauty of nature from this breathtaking place.

4. The Berner Oberland

It is considered one of the most beautiful alpine mountain lake because of its blue-turquoise water. Explore the beauty of this lake while hiking down the valley and walk back to Kandersteg at the end. It is difficult hiking not fairly recommended for beginners.

5. Oeschinensee Lake

It is considered one of the most beautiful alpine mountain lake because of its blue-turquoise water. Explore the beauty of this lake while hiking down the valley and walk back to Kandersteg at the end. It is a difficult hiking not fairly recommended for beginners.

6. Five lakes, Pizol

Another hiking place around the beautiful five lakes in Pizol is one of the best adventure tours in Europe. In order to reach the starting point, you can take the Pizol cable car. You don’t need expert-level hiking skills to hike this trail. It takes around 5.5 Hours to complete this five lake trail.

outdoor adventures in europe

7.Mt.Pilatus, Adjacent to Lucerne

Mt. Pilatus mountain is around 2120m tall that attracts many adventure seekers from around the world. This place is easily accessible through cable cars. This will be a marvellous addition to your bucket list of Outdoor adventures in Europe.

8.Aletsch Glacier trail

The Aletsch glacier trail is the biggest in the Swizz Alps. You can hike and climb in the breathtaking glacier. This place is not suited for beginner, but if you have a guiding tour guide then you can trek this trail. It is an amazing destination to visit throughout the year; as you can go for hiking and climbing during summers and snowshoeing in winters.

9. The Eiger trail, Interlaken

Interlaken is a hub of adventure as it houses some of the best hiking and climbing trails in Switzerland. If you are an adventure enthusiast and looking for a place for best adventure tours Europe then Interlaken is the best place to visit.

10. Davos

This is one of the most visited towns in Switzerland. Well known because of the highest Alps in the town, this place offers numerous opportunities for adventure-seeking, especially during the winter season. You can climb the Alps, hut-to-hut hike or trek in the scenic mountains throughout the year.


These are the top 10 places to visit for some outdoor adventures in Europe. Contact us for booking a hiking, climbing, camping or snowshoeing tour. Browse our website to know more.

Rock Climbing-A Challenge of Balance and Strength

Rock climbing is a sport that needs a proper balance between physical and mental strength. It is a very challenging way to explore and experience the beauty of the mountains. Rock climbing can prove to be the best sport for you if you love challenges and outdoor adventure. It requires perfect body balance and strength to climb a mountain. If you are a beginner in climbing, you can hone your skills enrolling in beginner climbing courses. Learning new techniques and ways to improve balance and efficiency is needed to become an expert climber and to climb difficult climbing routes in Swizz Alps. Some key concepts to improve your balance and strength in climbing are as follows:

Use your feet

Feet in climbing works as a foundation. Beginners usually use more arm strength to pull themselves up and eventually get tired. While climbing, use the same mindset as climbing the stairs, use your feet to take steps and arms to maintain the balance of the body. There are two basic techniques of using feet: Edging and smearing. Edging is a technique of using your edges of the shoes and stepping up on holds for better grip to climb. On the other hand, smearing is used in climbing mountains having no or minimal footholds. Under this technique, you totally rely on the grip of your shoe’s rubber friction against the rock. Use these two techniques to climb like a pro, and also keep an eye on your footholds for better balance.

Learn how to maintain balance

You need proper skills to keep the body balance while climbing. You will fall, the very second, you lose your balance. So, you need to learn a few tactics to maintain the balance.

Balancing tactics

  • Avoid staying vertical.
  • Use your full body to maintain the balance.
  • Create counter pressure by pressing the foot in the opposite direction of pull.
  • For maintaining counter balance use your body weight and lean over.

Ways to become more efficient in climbing

When you go for rock climbing in higher altitudes, you need proper skills to maintain balance and use your energy efficiently. Earlier, we have discussed maintaining balance now, let us discover how to use less energy:

Keep your arms straight: When you keep your arm straight, the weight of your body is held by the bones not muscles. Do not push your muscles to its threshold limit, else you will have a muscle cramp.

Focus on your butts: Try to keep one pushed up against the wall, this will help you to keep the pressure on your feet instead of arms.
Stay focused: Expert climbers climb with their eyes. Keep an eye on the footholds that will let you take a tiny break you regain energy.

In Final Thoughts

If you are a rookie climber, you should learn the proper technique and skills by doing a quick course in climbing. You can enroll in any of the beginner climbing courses to learn a few tactics for your first climb.

Outdoor Adventures in Europe to Try at Least Once

Thousands of people visit Europe every year seeking for some great adventure. Europe is fabled land of mountains, towering peaks, valleys, and glistering glaciers. You can have an endless amount of unique and unforgettable experience in Europe. This place has so much to offer to its visitors. Adventure seekers visit Europe throughout the year for experiencing the spectacular adventurous activities in the European Alps. From zip lines to a walking holiday in Switzerland, the mountains are worth a peak in holidays. Either it is summer or winter, there are bountiful of activities you can indulge in throughout the year. There is a reason why Switzerland is synonymous for adventure activities that are because of the Swiss Alps. Apart from the scenic and picturesque views, Europe has too much to offer to adventure seekers and backpackers. This place if fully covered with great adventure activities. It is the hub of adventure. Name an adventure activity and you will find that in Europe’s most visited city, Switzerland. Following are some amazing adventures every adventure enthusiast must try:

outdoor adventures in europe

Hiking the trails :

Swizz Alps are considered as the best place for hiking in Europe. It is house to many amazing and breathtaking hiking trails in the world. Some of the famous hiking trails in Switzerland are the Eiger trail, Panorama trail, Pizol lake hike, and hornliweg trail. People from all over the world visit Europe for experiencing these beautiful and picturesque Swizz Alps. People explore culture, villages, cuisines, and lifestyle of the localities while hiking the trails of Switzerland. You can learn a lot about a place from remote and local locations.

Climbing the mountains

Rock climbing needs proper technique and strength but even beginners can climb the mountains with a little bit of training. There are many kletterstieg and indoor climbing available in Switzerland for beginners also. There are many pure climbing areas around Switzerland. Europe is by far the best country for experiencing adventures like rock climbing. There are many klettersteig routes available in all over Europe. You can take up a rock climbing course also if you are a beginner. Rock climbing in Switzerland can be one day or two-day activity. If you are a beginner I would suggest you consult a guiding tour company for a safer experience.

Snowshoeing in winter

Snowshoeing is just trekking and hiking the mountains in snow during the winter season. Strap on your snow joggers and start to trek on one of the most beautiful and adventuresome places in the world. You will get an experience, you have never had before. Snow-shoeing in European Alps will be surely an unforgettable experience of your life. Someone who is looking for a tour full of fun and adventure must try snow-shoeing in Switzerland. You can also hire a guiding services company that will guide and teach you the skills required to travel in the snowy environment.

Mountain-hut tour

While hiking in the Swizz Alps you don’t have to go down to the valley for accommodation. You can accommodate yourself in the mountain hut. If you are going hiking for two or more days than booking a mountain hut tour is perfect for you. They will provide you proper dinner and breakfast before you leave for hiking the next day. You can get to know people there came from different parts of the world and share your experiences.

Camping in valleys

There are bountiful of camping locations in the valleys of Europe. You can camp in the scenic and breathtaking Swizz Alps. You will surely enjoy camping in Switzerland, whether in the valley or mountains. You will wake up with the smell of food and coffee being prepared in the morning, wander around the location during the day and sleep under the sky full of stars at night. Sounds fun right!


These are some ultimate adventure activities you must experience once in your lifetime. Pick up some of the best Outdoor Adventures in Europe and add them to your bucket list.

Adventurous trip in Switzerland on a Budget

Switzerland tops the bucket list of many of the adventure seekers. And Swizz Alps are the most sought-after adventurous trip destination in Europe. Not only from Europe but people from all over the world visit Switzerland for fun and adventurous activities. However, many people find it a bit expensive to explore the adventure side of this beautiful city. But no need to worry companies are providing proper guidance and booking facilities for Outdoor Adventures in Europe at affordable prices. You can book any of the following tours for your next adventure trip in Swizz Alps on a budget:

outdoor adventures in europe

Snow shoeing:

Hiking and trekking in the snow are referred to as snowshoeing. Strap on your snowshoes and experience the ultimate adventure of hiking the Swizz Alps in the winter season and that too at an affordable price. The snowshoeing tour is almost 6 hours of duration and is suitable for a person of every skill level from beginner to expert. They will provide you with snowshoes, trekking poles, and a list of things to carry on the trip.


Go out of the city and onto the hiking trails to experience the breathtaking and jaw-dropping views of Swizz Alps. There are making hiking trails around the lakes and throughout the mountains in Switzerland. Each hike is completed between 6 hours duration. Hiking in Swizz Alps by booking your tour is inexpensive as they use local means of transport for transfers to and from the end destination.


You can book a tour for a day or more than a day for rock climbing in Switzerland. It is one of the most fun and challenging way to experience the outdoors in Swizz Alps. Even if you are climbing for the first time there are many beginner climbing courses too. They will provide you with proper rock climbing equipment like harness and helmet. And also give you proper guidance and instructions to climb.


Most of the companies providing a great experience of Outdoor Adventures in Europe create customize camping experience for you. You will surely be going to enjoy this experience fully, whether you camp in the mountains or valley. They will do all the planning and arrangements for you so that you can enjoy this experience to the fullest.

Mountain-hut tour:

You can experience the feeling of mountains by living in one of the hundreds of mountain huts in Swizz Alps. These Mountain huts provide you shelter in winter. Create a unique experience of mountain hut tour while hiking the towering hikes. They will provide you proper dinner and breakfast before you leave for hiking and proper tour guide and instructions to guide you through to the tour.

Photo course tour:

You can hone your skills in photography while touring in Switzerland and enrolling in a photo course tour. You can learn many different skills in photography playing with light and lenses in different ways. The guiding company will provide you proper transportation services from and to the end destination.


If you are looking for some adventure activities in Swizz Alps, book a tour with us and experience them on a budget.