Outdoor Adventures in Europe: How to Get into Mountaineering?


Do you want to get into mountain climbing? That’s great! ‘Life Adventure Guiding’ is here to assist you so that you can get into outdoor rock climbing. Everyone wants to experience this exhilarating activity by tackling obstacles. The curve seems a little difficult, but by being a curious learner, anyone can embark on his or her journey for outdoor adventures in Europe.

How to Get into Mountaineering

·       Research: Explore resources including websites and books to know about mountaineering. You can also start evaluating video tutorials to learn the basic and advanced strategies of it. Invest your time in research, for it will be full of adventure and fun.

·       Master Skills: You can start practicing by learning basic climbing techniques beforehand you get into advanced skills. You must know the proper ways to tie knots for climbing. Learning such skills will make you feel more confident.

Note: Our guides at ‘Life Adventure Guiding’ will teach you the necessary skills for outdoor rock climbing. We have expert professionals who have been working with us for years.

Get acquainted with climbing styles:

Yes, you must know different types of climbing styles. Have a look:

1.       Mountaineering: Guides will help you to climb high-altitude mountains. You have to master your skills, for it requires a high level of physical ability;

2.       Traditional Climbing: It is a freestyle type that does not let climbers use anchors. Anchors are devices fixed against the rock walls for footing;

3.       Sports Climbing: In this type of climbing, you can use anchors to ascend against the rock wall. This form is similar to traditional climbing;

 4.      Solo Climbing: You will embark on your climbing with safety gear by yourself. The difficulty level of one type of climbing varies with another;

 5.       Bouldering: In bouldering, guides will let you climb man-made or natural boulders. They can provide you harness.

Fitness Level:

You have to prepare yourself to enhance your endurance level, so work on your fitness level. Work on upper-body strength to enhance it. Build strength as mountaineering requires great endurance.

Join Indoor Gym:

You can visit near indoor climbing gyms to start the skills of rock climbing. Initially, you have to start by giving time. Stay patient and practice as much as you can.

outdoor rock climbing


While you are at a gym, watch others climbing the wall. You can learn from others and find their techniques more fruitful to be used during climbing. Fellow guides or climbers are more valuable than anything you will find in magazines, for they will teach you practical skills.

Expert Assistance:

If you are curious and eager to learn things quickly, take the assistance of experts. It will be one of the feasible options. Guides will suggest valuable tips on what needs to be followed. Take advice from experts and follow the tips.

Ensure about essentials:

Make sure that you have the essential equipment for rock climbing. For example, climbing shoes, harness, ropes, slings, helmet, etc.

At ‘Life Adventure Guiding’, we have prepared a list of the best outdoor adventures in Europe. To experience them, contact us now.

Life Adventure Guiding: Exploring Outdoor Adventures in Europe


With a plethora of alternatives, how would you like to choose outdoor adventure in Europe? From outdoor rock climbing to mountain hut tours, an individual has ample options to select. You can start with adventurous activities, learn new skills, and safely complete any challenge. To know more about such adventurous activities, let’s discuss them.

Best Adventurous Activities to Experience


Day hikes will be suitable to experience in summer. Wear boots and start your hiking tour out of your city. It is adventurous and is pleasing to capture the breathtaking scenery of the Swiss Alps. Guides will assist you throughout the journey through lakes, mountains, and farmlands. You can visit near Schwyz, Lucerne, and Central Switzerland to enjoy the jaw-dropping sceneries.

Hiking at a slow, steady pace will let you capture pictures and take a meal at restaurants. Expert guides will assist you through the full-day and half-day hikes. Professional guides will manage your schedule to cover most of the Swiss Alps experience in a limited time.

Outdoor Rock Climbing: 

Although rock climbing is challenging to test potential against a rock, yet it is full of fun. A single-day adventure is perfect for beginners and experienced individuals to test rock climbing. Guides will set up the ropes and teach you the necessary skills to experience the activity. Even, professional guides recommend locations that are based on an individual’s skill levels. The whole package comprises guides, instruction manuals, helmets, harness, and equipment. Enthusiasts can also choose a two-day climbing course for learning advanced skills.

outdoor adventures in Europe

Mountain Hut Tour: 

Are you curious to know about a mountain hut tour? What is it? Hiking through the mountains of the Swiss Alps and staying in cozy huts are part of the whole tour. The great Swiss Alps have mesmerizing mountains to experience nature. The historical huts are appealing to stay inside and experience the vintage era. Guides will be available to assist people in taking part in a tour. You can stay at night to make the experience more memorable.

Travelers usually prefer multi-day tours to know better about an area; inevitably, it is the best way to evaluate the beauty of the Alps. You can make your journey more exciting and memorable by adding rock climbing and Klettersteig. Popular mountain tour locations are Urner Alps, Grindelwald, Goschenental, and Engelberg. The length of the trip is one to three nights. The package includes an instructional manual, guides, and hut reservations with breakfast and dinner.


Have you heard about the Klettersteig route? You can challenge your fear by climbing high on the Klettersteig routes in the Alps. You can reward yourself to be an adventurer by exploring the valleys and mountain peaks. Certified guides will assist you and provide you ladders, steel rungs, and features. Create grips on steel rungs. You can easily ascend on steep climbs, using the ladder. Besides, there are different outdoor adventures in Europe to explore. For more information, search ‘Life Adventure Guiding’ on a reliable search engine.

Top 5 Things To Do In Switzerland For A Glamorous Holiday

The iconic beauty of Switzerland brings heaven on the earth. It is a wonderful place for leading a life full of adventures, romance, creativity or where we can transform our imagination into reality. Imagine the gush of air, the breezy droplets over mountains and the green scenery of botanical garden that fuels our wanderlust to collect our memories in one box. Do you plan to visit in Switzerland or curious to know the breath-taking places for snowshoeing Swiss Alps performing fun-loving activities with your kith and kin. In this article, we will discuss the amazing things that you can do when you are in Switzerland.

snowshoeing swiss alps

The 5 Most Beautiful Things To Do In The Swiss Alps of Switzerland

1. Rock Climbing

It is the super cool activity that makes us fearless and brings healthy life for forever. You can explore the several places such as Schwyz, Uri and general in Central Switzerland that has a fantastic single pitch to multi-pitch routes for beginners, intermediates and experienced rock climbers. Apart from it, these places are situated in the heart of Switzerland where you can check out the top-rated restaurants and hotels to make your holiday joyous and memorable.

2. Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing swiss alps is another thing that will give you an unforgettable experience and relaxes you completely. If you want to see the majestic beauty of the snowy area then visit Mythen region that will bring various opportunities for you. It has amazing views of lakes, mountains and forests so you will find something new and crisp in winter. The stress-free environment, winter hiking trails, snowboards will take you on cloud nine. It is an ideal place for the kids who can make ice balls or play some fun activities over there. Don’t forget to bring warm mountain clothes, snow boots, a backpack, snow jackets, lunch & water.

3. Hiking & Camping

There are a variety of ski resorts and trails for hiking and camping in Switzerland that will give you pretty ideas to feel the adventurous life. The incredible views around Schwyz, Lucerne and central Switzerland area energize you by providing a calm environment. It is the perfect destination for the family members due to the scenic restaurants and efficient facilities of the public transport system.

4. Klettersteig

It is a very exciting and safe activity to experience the cliff and rock walls while rock climbing. You can also take a partner with you that will help you to lead on ladders, steel rungs during the climb. Various Klettersteig routes are located through the alps of Switzerland so you can explore them to become a confident adventurer.

snowshoeing swiss alps

5. Photography

Who doesn’t want to capture the scenic beauty of Switzerland after all it will remind you of good places that you visit or brings everlasting memories in your life. You can visit around Central Switzerland that has wonderful locations for beginners to amateur photographers. All you need to buy a good-quality camera for capturing the blue turquoise water & the astonishing views of mountains, forests and lakes.

Do you want to go on fantastic adventure tours or want to get a blissful and memorable holiday experience? Here, we at ‘Life Adventure Guiding’ offer snowshoe tour, outdoor rock climbing, photo-course tour, team-outings, day-hikes and many more. We have professional and certified guides or hikes that will give you the best outdoor experience.

The 5 Best Day Hikes in the Swiss Alps

Switzerland is a country covered with towering peaks, scenic mountains, and glistering glaciers. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you can experience some of the best hiking trails in Switzerland. Swizz Alps are considered the best-supported mountains by backpackers for long hikes. Because they are not required to carry tents, sleeping bags or food only need a light backpack. All the amenities like food, a comfortable bed, and a hot shower are provided by the mountain hut located between the routes while hiking in Switzerland. There are many breathtaking and scenic hikes in Switzerland, but the top 5 day hikes in the Swizz Alps are as follows:

  • Höhenweg Höhbalmen

This is considered as the best day hiking trail in the Swizz Alps. Located in Zermatt the most visited town in Switzerland. As long as a hiker step foot in Zermatt city, they swayed up to the forest and route to the steep valley to this trail. This trail is covered with scenic valleys and snowy mountains giving breathtaking views to the hikers. While going up through the steep valley you will enter high alpine range named as Höhbalmen where you can encounter the panorama of Switzerland’s highest peaks surrounding you.

Hiking time: 5-7 Hours
Distance: 18km/ 11 miles

Location: Zermatt

  • Lac de Louvie

Verbier is well known for 4 most beautiful and adventurous skiing spots. But apart from that, it is also famous for its day hiking around the scenic Alpine range. You will find jaw-dropping views of the Mont Blanc massif while hiking. It is known as the chamois trail famous for ibex and chamois on the rocky slopes. After crossing the termin pass, you will reach Lac De Louvie known as the beautiful gem of a lake. You can roam around the lake enjoying the scenic views of Grand Combin massif and dense forest from where you can head back by catching a bus to Verbier.

Hiking time: 7-8 Hours
Distance: 15km/ 9 miles

Location: Verbier

  • The Faulhornweg

This spot for hiking in Switzerland is a dream trail for many hikers around the world. Starting your hike from Grindelwald then en-route Gondola first where the path will lead you to Bachalpsee. Experience the breathtaking views of the infinity pool. Then, start going up towards the north and capture the beauty of Interlaken lakes on both sides. You will also come by Schynige Platte, where you will get to see over 500 Alpine species in the garden in 360° views around you. From there you can easily take a bus or train and reach back to Grindelwald.

Hiking time: 6-8 Hours
Distance: 15km/ 9 miles

Location: Jungfrau

hiking in switzerland
  • Riffelsee to Sunnegga

Another amazing day hiking trail in Zermatt and obviously Matterhorn is the show stopper here. You have to take take a train to Riffelsee from where the hiking starts. While going down form Riffelsee to Findelbach canyon you will pass many glistering lakes and jaw-dropping Alpine ranges. You will reach your destination i.e Sunnegga in no time views the charming views of the Alps.

Hiking time: 3-5 Hours
Distance: 13km/ 8 miles

Location: Zermatt

  • Murren

Murren trail is ringed by around 72 waterfalls and is located in the largest glacial valley in the world. Starting your trail from this largest valley up to the Grütshchalp steep trail, then crossing some villages through the forest you will reach your scenic destination. You can choose to walk back from where you started or take a bus.

Hiking time: 3-4 Hours
Distance: 10km/ 6 miles

Location: Lauterbrunnen

If you are looking for the best trails for hiking and camping in Switzerland, contact us to know more and book your trip.

The Ultimate Guide for Hiking In Switzerland

Are you looking for the best trails for hiking in Switzerland? Covered with lofty peaks and shining glaciers, Switzerland has lots of spectacular hikes to be discovered. Hiking trails are well-maintained that you will love to walk.

There are several hikes but some are outstanding… you will want to be lost in the natural flora and fauna. The amazing places are everywhere whether you go towards the North or South. Check out the following best trails in Switzerland.

hiking in switzerland

The Best Trails for Hiking in Switzerland

  • The Eiger

If you are planning to stay at the Grindelwald, then, the Eiger trial is the best available option for you. It is not challenging like other hikes but its appealing beauty will allure you. This is the place that visitors never want to miss at any cost. Hiking following this trial will lead to the Eiger. The Eiger is one of the popular mountains of Europe. The gigantic mountain is 4000 meters high, facing the shear wall from the North.

The wall is difficult to climb in the Alps. People trying to climb this wall face death; over a hundred people have been reported death over the year.

To start hiking, you will have to take the train route from Kleine Scheidegg. Thereafter, you have to hike down. If you don’t want to opt for the slog, then, this option would be a breeze for you. There are many great things about this hike. When you start proceeding, you can find a meandering trail just below the Eiger. Now, you have the exact scenario that climbers will have to face while hiking. When you start descending, you can capture the beautiful view of the Grindelwald valley. This is one of the interesting reasons to follow this trial.

Hike Duration: Two hours

Distance to be Covered: 6 kilometers

Altitude Gain/Loss: 90/800m

Starting Point: Eigergletscher Station

Ending Point: Kleine Scheidegg

  • Hornliweg Trail

After The Eiger, another popular spot to the visit is “Zermatt”. Surrounded by major peaks of the country, it has lots of ski resorts and spectacular scenery to explore. Matterhorn is the iconic mountain of Switzerland located in Zermatt.

The triangular wedge projecting into the sky is a must-see. When it comes to Zermatt, then, you must be familiar to Matterhorn. This peak is also targeted by climbers every year.

If you want to start hiking through this trail, then, you have to start heading up to the mountain’s base. Carry your binoculars and explore the mountaineering spots and steep paths.

Hike Duration: Two hours (approximately)

Distance to be Covered: 4.3 kilometers

Altitude Gain: 743m

Starting Area: Schwarzsee Gondola Station

  • Aletsch Glacier Panorama

Hiking through this Panorama trail and watching glaciers will be like a dream come true. Most visitors miss this large glacier. The Aletsch Glacier is near to Zermatt. Behold the sight of this glacier expanding over twenty-three kilometers and nine-hundred meters. Jungfraujoch is another place connected to this place that might be your new spot. The trial view moves along downwards to its entire path, casting an impressive scenery all over the destination.

Hike Duration: 3.5 hours

Distance to be Covered: 12.4 kilometers

Starting Point: Mosfluh

End Point: Fieschalp

Are you looking for hiking and camping in Switzerland? We, at “Life Adventuring Guide”, will help you turn your dream into reality. Our professionals will help you to explore trails out of the city and catch the best trails of the “Swiss Alps”. The hiking trails are extending from mountains, farmlands to lakes. We, along with you, are ready to move with a constant pace with stopping at the best restaurants. Don’t worry about the tour. We cover transport systems throughout. What are you waiting for? Visit our site and explore our services.

Beginner’s Guide To Rock Climbing In Switzerland

Lofty peaks and sparkling glaciers start coming into imagination when we think about Switzerland. This is the reason why it has become the center of attraction for climbers seeking adventurous activities like climbing. The biggest climbing spot in Switzerland is Swiss Alps. People across the world visit this place to experience fun and spot out adventurous places. This place has lots to offer.

Rock climbing is one of the popular and adventurous activities liked by people across the world. Opting for climbing courses is also a good option for beginners. We are going to discuss some pro tips for beginners who are looking for rock climbing.

climbing courses

Pro Tips

  • Prepare before Climbing

Climbing is not an easy task as it requires great effort and energy. A great amount of strength is required to climb the mountains. It is similar to high-strength training programs. Therefore, you need to warm up and stretch before performing the climbing activity. This will help stretch muscles. There are many benefits to stretching. It will improve flexibility and circulation in different parts of the body like muscles, joints and other areas. Therefore, your body will gradually start warming up and prepare for climbing.

  • Planning

Planning is the basic and foremost step for any beginner or expert climber. You must know the routes that you are going to track. Make sure you have to memorize or get the exact idea of routes. Visualization will help climb safer and easier.

  • Grip Control

Climbers often make mistakes due to over gripping and under gripping. Under-gripping can make you fall while under-gripping can wear forearms that will hinder your climbing. So, always prefer for intermediate grips that will neither cause damage nor make you losing grip. Don’t pull yourself upward. Always try to balance with a firmer hold. A firmer hold will provide balance during the climbing process.

  • Use Technique

Prefer smart work over hard work. If you go beyond dynamics and mechanics just using your body strength, you are going wrong. Balancing is itself a science and better if you blend strength and techniques. You can use or apply your legs over arm strength for balancing. In an attempt to do that, you can move forward by using your legs in spite of applying arm strength for pulling. Move your legs forward, in a loose manner, for better holds or grips.

  • Training

Beginners willing to go for climbing must take proper training. Proper training before going for climbing will help you to do well during real climbing. You can either join rock climbing courses or learn through watching and practices. Watching videos of other climbers are also a great way to learn. You can also make your own techniques and styles. All you need to develop muscle memory before climbing.

  • Gears

If you are looking to climb Swiss Alps, then, gears are the must. Climbing mountains can be dangerous without proper protection. So, know which gears are appropriate and which are not. You must know how good shoes and gears are important.

  • Maintain Closeness to Walls

Closeness to walls will help maintain the center of gravity. Going away from the wall will waste your arms strength and energy. The center of gravity has been playing an important role in perfect balancing and maintaining stability. The principles are basic and important.

Go for Climbing!

Do you want to climb in the Alps or take a quick training course? Don’t worry! We are here to assist you from scratch. Our professionals at “Life Adventure Guiding” will give you training and provide you complete assistance for climbing the Swiss Alps. We also offer rock climbing courses. Our trainers are certified and have been in this profession for years.

Different Types of Rock Climbing

The Swizz Alps is the largest rock climbing area in Europe. Switzerland is a very mountainous country and is situated in the heart of the Alps. There are numerous rock climbing options in this mountainous country. You can do rock climbing in Switzerland throughout the year except in the rainy season. Climbing is a fascinating activity that challenges the mind and body both at the same time. Different types of climbing involve different equipments, settings, level of difficulty, and techniques. Switzerland has climbing routes for every level of climber from beginner to expert. There are many different types of rock climbing but a few of them are famous in Switzerland. For which people from all over the world come visits Switzerland. A few types of climbing that Europe is famous for are as follows:

  • Bouldering

It is the simplest form of climbing which only requires climbing shoes, chalk, and crash pads. Crash pads are used to protect landings and keep you safe if you fall. Bouldering routes are typically short than other climbing routes. You can do bouldering indoors and outdoor. There are many indoor bouldering gyms in Switzerland too and many guiding tour companies provide outdoor bouldering adventurous at affordable prices.

  • Klettersteig

It is just like rock climbing but instead of ropes, more secure steel cables drilled in rocks are used to climb the mountains. It helps you to climb and explore difficult and isolated mountain areas which might require expert skills to climb it. You will get to experience raw and isolated beauty of the mountains. Klettersteig route allows you to climb the mountains with the safety of cables and ladders to experience the fantastic and breathtaking views of the scenic mountains. There are difficult climbing klettersteig routes also that could be very long and difficult climbs through mountainous areas with minimal climbing aids.

  • Ice- climbing

To embark on a breathtaking adventure of climbing on a challenging wall of ice, you need to get out of your shell. It is an experience worth a try. The concept of ice climbing seems terrifying and insane but you will get the most memorable experience of your life. You need proper protection gears and techniques to climb an ice-covered mountain. If you are a beginner in ice climbing, you must take guidance from an adventure guiding service expert to avoid any mishappening.

  • Rock climbing

Like any other climbing rock climbing require proper techniques and equipment for a safe climb in the mountainous region. There are many routes for rock climbing in Switzerland. People visit Switzerland from all over the world to experience this fun and breathtaking adventurous activity in the Swizz Alps. If you are a beginner, you can enrol yourself in one of the Rock Climbing Courses in Switzerland to learn the skills and techniques to climb the towering mountains.

These are some types of climbing for which Europe is famous. In order to get a better and safer experience of rock climbing in Switzerland, then book one of our tours. We will provide you with proper harness, equipment, gear, ropes and also teach and guide you with techniques to climb the mountains.

Europe’s Best Outdoor Adventures To Add To Your Bucket List

Europe is growing hotspot for all the fun and adventure activities. People from all over the world visit Europe seeking some adventure. There are numerous outdoor adventures to be had all over Europe throughout the year for adventure seekers. Whether you are a seasonal adventurer or a rookie, there is something thrilling and adventurous for everyone. From camping in the mountains during summer to snow-shoeing in the winter season, Europe is a full adventure package. If you are looking for some fun and outdoor adventures in Europe, here is a list of adventures you might want to add in your bucket list:

adventure guide service
  • Hiking

The Alps are the first mountain range that comes into mind when you are looking for hiking trails in Europe. Long-distance hiking trails are also there with fantastic and breathtaking views. You can experience and explore the remote wilderness, historical sites, small villages, coastlines, old castles and of course the stunning mountains in Europe.

  • Rock climbing

The towering mountain ranges of Europe have inspired and challenged even the most seasoned of mountain climbers for hundreds of years. One of the greatest and most daunting peaks is the Matterhorn. The snow-capped peak launched the golden age of Alps and is truly the icon of the Swiss Alps. Apart from this, there are many other rock climbing spots for beginners also. If you are a beginner, you can start climbing in Interlaken, the best rock climbing spot for a beginner.

  • Klettersteig

Klettersteig have taken a while to become a trend in Switzerland but now it is among some of the best outdoor adventures in Europe. You will find enormous places of challenging via ferratas for every skill level. You will find a protected route of via ferratas around the Alps and other heightened locations all around the Europe.

  • Snow-shoeing

Earlier, people used to roam around and travel in the snow wearing long shoes which now turned into a fun and adventure activity named snow-shoeing. It is nothing but hiking in winter on snow-capped mountains. Many adventure enthusiasts lump in together snow-shoeing and skiing to add some more fun in their trip.

  • Mountain hut tour

Mountain hut tour is also known as hut-to-hut hiking. On each day you can enjoy the trails and hikes in the towering peaks enjoying the breathtaking views without worrying for returning to the valley for food and shelter. You can book a tour with Life Adventure Guiding to have the best experience of mountain hut tours.

  • Camping

Camping in the European Alps is not the same as camping in other places. Europeans are very fond of the outdoors campsites. There are, perhaps, three types of camping: luxury, pretty snazzy and bring your tent, you can select one according to your budget and style. But note most carefully, that if you are taking your tent you must camp in a properly listed campsite or can book a camping tour with some adventure guide service company.

In final words

European Alps is filled with bountiful of adventurous activities. If you are looking for some adventure in your life, book a tour with Life Adventure Guiding and make it your most memorable experience of life.

Rock Climbing In Switzerland: Experience An Adventurous Paradise

Located gorgeously in the heart of the Alps, Switzerland is a beautiful mountainous country in Central Europe with several peaks over 4,000m. What makes it an amazing tourist destination contains a long list of things which includes climbing the Swiss Alps. Almost every adventurer’s ultimate bucket list features rock climbing in Switzerland. Why?

In addition to high mountains and stunning landscapes, Switzerland is extremely popular among adventurers for its rock climbing trips. In fact, the country has some of the best climbing regions in entire Europe. These outdoor rock climbing trips let you embark on a journey where you breathe fresh air and enjoy breathtaking views.

Although Switzerland has many small and big mountain climbing sites, it has three distinct climbing areas that grab the special attention of mountaineers. They are Eastern Swiss Alps, Western Swiss Alps, and the Jura mountains in the North.

Eastern Swiss Alps

This is a Swiss area that is usually referred to as the heart of Swiss Alps. It is because the region features numbers of climbing routes that could be as long as 400m. These are bolted single pitch and multi-pitch climbing trails that have different kinds of rocks, including limestone, granite, and gneiss. Here, you could also find some traditional routes where you require cams and nuts. Apart from these routes, there are some boulder areas.

Western Swiss Alps

Similar to Easter-side Alps, this region is also a popular rock climbing region. If you want to go for rock climbing in an area featuring the largest rock climbing routes in Switzerland, then reach Western Swiss Alps. From Interlaken to popular mountains of Eiger and Jungfrau, there are rock climbing areas in the region which are capable of gratifying the adventurer within you. It has many bolted single pitch and multi-pitch climbing routes that are 100’s of meters long. In the case you want bouldering fun in the area, then head towards Kandersteg as it has multiple areas that include the largest bouldering place.

North’s Jura Mountains

Although it’s a small mountain range situated in the north of the county, it has plenty of rock climbing regions to get a glimpse of the region’s scenic beauty while enjoying the climbing on limestone rock. Most of the routes in the region are bolted. This makes them some of the safest climbing routes in the country. As the climbing areas of the Jura Mountains are in a lower altitude region, you can enjoy rock climbing here in almost all seasons of the year.

Prepare For Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in Switzerland is fun and adventurous. The country is arguably a paradise for climbers. Whether someone is a beginner or an experienced individual in rock climbing, there are several things that a person needs to learn or remember before embarking on an outdoor climbing tour in the European country. It is necessary to test yourself and learn some skills before accepting the challenges in the mountains. There are outdoor rock climbing courses that you can study to prepare yourself for outdoor rock climbing in Switzerland.

While learning skills in the course, you test yourself in a controlled environment under the watchful eyes of experienced climbers and guides. There is a setup that makes you familiar with the challenges you may face during the climbing route. In addition, skilled experts train you for the route and teach you skills that you can use during the outdoor climbing tour to make it secure and enjoyable for yourself.

Join one such course at Life Adventure Guiding and train yourself for the bigger challenge in the Swiss Alps. If you are a group of individuals, who want to have rock climbing fun in Switzerland, then we also have courses for you.

Best Places To Go Rock Climbing In Europe

Like many sports, rock climbing is an extreme outdoor activity that requires skills. However, its difficulty level differentiates from beginners to experienced. Whether someone just started climbing or has been climbing for a long time, Europe is a climbers paradise. There are lots of popular climbing locations in the region, including places for rock climbing in Switzerland.

klettersteig switzerland tours

Switzerland, quite possibly the best country for climbers, features numbers of gorgeous locations to go rock climbing. They let you challenge the climber within you and enjoy some of the most beautiful scenic beauties in the world. When someone flies into Switzerland, the first thing that they notice from their airplane is the rocky and mountainous terrain of the country.

There are many regions where you can indulge in rock climbing, but Via Ferrata in Switzerland provides you with the perfect adventure of steep mountain scarps. Although the region is classified as dangerous by many climbers, it is fully secure. In addition, if you are looking for some great climbing places near Zurich or Schwyz, then Via Ferrata is a region to visit.

Rock Climbing Places In Switzerland

There are many fun climbing places in Switzerland for beginners and experienced climbers. Those are some famous alpine bouldering areas that serve as an ideal spot to gratify a climber in you. Below are some climbing places not to miss in the country:

Magic Wood

When it comes to the most famous rock climbing places near Zurich and Schwyz, Magic Wood comes at the top. Located stunningly in a forest high in the mountains, it is a beautiful spot to be- especially when the weather is too hot in other parts. The area has many boulders to test your climbing skills.

How to reach: One of the easiest ways to reach Magic Wood is to fly into Zurich. After that, you can take public transportation to get at the camping site in Magic Wood.


Not just in Switzerland, but Chironico is one of the most popular boulder crags in Europe. The region is renowned among adventure lovers for its gorgeous trails, hikes, mountaineering tours, and several other outdoor activities. For climbers, Chironico has three routes featuring 812 boulders.

How to reach: Chironico is around 110 kilometers from Zurich. You can reach the region via train or a car. Although there is no direct train that goes from Zurich to Chironico, you can enter through a journey that includes transfers. On the other side, the site is less than 100 kilometers from Schwyz.


If you want to combine your rock climbing tour in Switzerland with site-seeing, then Brione is a great place to be. It is a beautiful valley containing many boulders to gratify a climber in you. Apart from that, there are many amazing attractions to see after the climbing activity.

How to reach: One of the easiest and most convenient ways to reach Brione is to reach Zurich first. There are trains that can help you quickly reach the region. 

Gotthard Pass

It is a gorgeous mountain pass at 2,106 m. Located in the Lepontine Alps of southern Switzerland, the Gotthard Pass connects the southern part with the northern part. In addition to providing you with beautiful views of the region, it has numbers of boulders.

How to reach: Gotthard Pass is situated around 93 kilometers south-east of Bern, which is a direct link between Zurich and Lugano.

klettersteig switzerland tours

Learn To Climb With Outdoor Climbing Tour

If you are planning to scale some mountains in Klettersteig Switzerland tours, then have an experience of climbing with a rock guide course at Life Adventure Guiding. During the course, you are taught skills to securely climb in the natural environment. You can enroll in the course even when you do not have climbing experience.